Dogs, Dog Collars, and Volleyball

Did you ever wonder what's it like to wear a dog collar? I have, and hopefully you will too after reading this blog.

Why is every volleyball made out of leather? All you do is hit it with your hand, or your arm, sometimes a foot? Why isn't it made out of nylon, or some other synthetic material that would be much cheaper? Well the nylon would cut your hand, especially on a hard spike, or maybe even your face, if you were unfortunate enough to have to take a hard spike to the face.

I invite you to ask yourself the same thing about a dog collar. Why are dog collars nylon, if we won't even make a volleyball out of nylon, let along a necklace? Because it's cheaper, and no-one thinks about what it must feel like for the dog.

"Despite what you may have heard, a dog's neck is not as tough as you may have thought. Chronically pulling on your dog's collar may lead... to stress on the neck... the neck is a delicate piece of machinery." -Veterinarian Dr. Patty Khuly* 

If what Dr. Khuly says is true (which she is a veterinarian, and knows) then we should be extra gentle on our dog's neck. A nylon dog collar is not gentle on a dog's neck. A full-grain, genuine leather dog collar, however is. And not just any collar, but a Euro-Dog full-grain leather dog collar is very gentle on a dog's neck, because it is all one solid piece of super-soft leather. Leather is a natural soft product. It's actually skin, and molds to a dog's neck, just like your Birkenstocks mold to the soles of your feet.

So, maybe the next time you look for a dog collar, think about your dog's neck, because a dog's neck is more delicate than your hand, and you prefer a leather volleyball, so your dog probably prefers a leather dog collar. And if you want the very best, then get him or a her a Euro-Dog Leather Dog Collar.

*Five Fascinating Facts About a Dog's Neck by Adrienne Farricelli

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